02/05/2013 05:10 pm ET

Yale Law Student Hates His Classmates, Explains Why In Detail

Law school can be stressful, especially with all the news about the tough job market awaiting graduates in the legal field.

But one third-year student at Yale Law School decided he needed to use a student Listserv nicknamed "The Wall" to tell all of his classmates how much he hates them for being, in so many words, racist sticks-in-the-mud.


In a message sent out Wednesday morning on The Wall, the student wrote, "I literally hate like 90% of you." The writer criticized his peers for getting "offended over literally everything," and for being "judgmental shitbags and hypocrites who haven’t understood the concept of 'don’t judge a book by its cover.'"

The student, who said he is Asian, also complained about people making racist jokes about author Amy Chua and "tiger mothers." He said his peers didn't bother "to think perhaps you might have been seriously offending some Asian students, who, like me, may have grown up under similar circumstances and still loved our parents and knew our parents loved us. ... I guess we don’t count as people."

"I realize I am burning bridges. EXCELLENT," he wrote. "If I succeed in my passions, I want to make damn sure it is without the help of any of you phony-ass shitdicks."

The letter goes on, and uses a lot more obscene language. You can read the entire thing at AboveTheLaw.

At the end, however, the writer changes his tone. It seems he figured while he had everyone's attention, he might as well include some classified ads in the post script:

p.s. I have a $100 desk chair I bought from Ikea that I don’t want any more and am willing to sell to you for $99.50 OBO.

p.p.s. I know I should probably use the spreadsheet for this but I’m too lazy so I don’t feel like it but I have a torts book for sale that nobody will want to buy since torts isn’t offered this semester but I am going to try to pawn it off anyway.

p.p.p.s. I was wondering if anyone has an extra macbook, preferably a macbook air because that would be easier on my shoulders. Standard offer of good conversation and baked goods apply.