02/06/2013 03:44 pm ET

Alice Boland Tries To Fire Gun Outside Ashley Hall Private School In South Carolina: Cops

A woman was arrested for allegedly trying to kill two school officials in South Carolina.

Alice Boland, 28, was taken into custody after she allegedly pointed a handgun at two staff members and tried to fire at them outside Ashley Hall private school in Charleston, S.C., on Monday, according to the Post and Courier.

The gun didn't go off and nobody was injured.

Boland gave what the Courier described as a "rambling statement" during a bond hearing on Tuesday.

“I wanted to make a political demonstration about problems in my life relating to the fact that racist feminists, including institutions like that where I was demonstrating ... have been causing me these alleged mental problems ever since I met a lesbian professor,” Boland said.

She is charged with attempted murder, two counts of pointing a firearm, unlawful carrying of a firearm and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

WCSC reports that Boland legally purchased the Taurus PT-22 pistol she allegedly used to commit the crime.

A Charleston police officer said he was called to the school two years ago after Boland was allegedly seen "harassing children and acting very suspicious," according to a supplemental incident report obtained by WCSC.

The Post and Courier reported yesterday that Boland had been a patient at a psychologist's office close to the school, according to police.



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