02/06/2013 09:39 am ET

Alyson Strosser Allegedly Steals Tampons, Hides In Cardboard Box

What a bloody mess.

Police say Alyson Strosser, 47, attempted to steal tampons, cosmetics, wine, laundry detergent and Crystal Light drink mix from a CVS store in Port St. Lucie, Fla on Dec. 14, according to a police report obtained by TC Palm. According to the report, the store manager caught Strosser red-handed and confronted her.

Strosser allegedly left the items at the scene and fled in a white Ford Explorer. Police tracked down that same car to Strosser's home, but Strosser's husband denied them entry, claiming his wife was not there.

The police left her alone for a period until they obtained an arrest warrant on Jan. 25. Strosser's husband again said his wife wasn't there, but, according to the arrest report, officers saw her run from the residence into the garage.

Officers say they entered the garage and spotted Strosser "trying to conceal herself from view" inside a large cardboard box.

According to the report, the tampon thief did end up going with the flow and was complying with officers. She was taken into custody on petty theft charges.

Strosser's Facebook profile states that she is, "Still wild and crazy after all these years. Just having fun when I can :)."

Why Strosser allegedly pilfered the feminine hygiene products is unclear, but it should be noted that the incident occurred just before the holidays. Maybe she was just planning on constructing a nativity scene, like this one starring a tampon baby Jesus. The webpage that originally featured the scene now only features this note:

We have received death threats regarding the nativity scene. So we have removed it out of fear. We have been taught the true meaning of Christmas.



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