02/06/2013 05:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicago 24-Hour Restaurants: Where The Kitchen Never Closes (PHOTOS)

Sometimes there's no better way to end -- or begin! no judgment here! -- a long day than to chow down on something greasy, covered in cheese and cooked up by someone else.

Recognizing this fact, Chicago apartment-finding service has dutifully curated a list of 34 local restaurants that offer 24-hour table service -- and, no, drive-thru service doesn't quite cut it.

(Scroll down to check out some of Domu's selections. Visit their site for a full list, in addition to 41 "honorable mentions" who almost meet the site's 24/7/365 requirement but close for up to two holidays annually.)

Save less than a handful of appearances from national chains, most of the selections are small, locally-owned businesses and many -- such as the Jim's Original Hot Dog in the South Loop -- have been doing slinging grub for decades. And though Domu notes that they cannot vouch for the quality of the eats, can't we all just agree that 4 a.m. is not the time to employ a hyper-discerning palate?

Did Domu miss one of your favorite diners or taquerias? Make your case below -- and happy night-eats, Chicago!

24-Hour Chicago Restaurants