02/06/2013 07:49 am ET

Jennifer Lawence Admits To Going Crazy Upon Meeting One Celebrity (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence revealed a celebrity crush of sorts on "Conan." She admitted that there has been one celebrity meeting that didn't go all that well, and that's mainly because she went inexplicably crazy upon meeting him. Who put her into such a crazed state was a bit of a surprise: John Stamos.

"I was a perverted guy," Lawrence said of her behavior. "I was following into rooms and staring at his ass. I lost my mind."

Stamos even asked her if she was on mushrooms. An understandable question considering what Lawrence admitted she was mostly saying to him.

"I just kind of kept smiling and being like, ‘Dude. Jesse. Uncle Jesse.’ I just kept saying ‘dude’ and ‘Uncle Jesse,'" she admitted, referring to Stamos' iconic role on "Full House." It definitely sounds like someone who's not in their right mind.

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