02/06/2013 08:05 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

'House Of Cards': Kate Mara Tried To Make Kevin Spacey Laugh During Nude Scenes (VIDEO)

Kate Mara dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to talk about her new Netflix series "House of Cards." The series' entire 13-episode run is now available for viewing on Netflix, having premiered all at once. While viewers may not have made it through all 13 hours by the time Mara was chatting with Kimmel -- although they are binge-watching it -- she was nevertheless talking about developments that happened throughout the series' run.

Specifically, she was talking about the fact that she and series star Kevin Spacey wound up having to shoot some nude scenes together. Mara wanted to try and make those scenes funny, and possibly break Spacey out of character at the same time. But Kevin Spacey being the seasoned professional that he is, her admirable attempts didn't work.

"They give you these little pasties to cover your nipples," Mara explained. "So I thought, how can I make Kevin laugh during his close-up. So, the first time around I printed out just pictures of his face, stuck them on. His close-up comes, nothing. Just no reaction at all."

She tried again, this time using President Obama's face, but still got no reaction. One thing that is getting a reaction, though, is their show. Critics are loving "House of Cards," though they're not sure about the all-at-once distribution. While binge-watching has become a part of popular culture, thanks in large part to resources like Neflix, it's going to take some getting used to.

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