02/06/2013 02:34 pm ET

Kelly Custis, Florida Woman, Allegedly Attacked Ex-Fiance's Girlfriend In Bed

Kelly Custis, a 27-year-old Florida woman, was arrested earlier this week on charges of "burglary with assault or battery." She is accused of attacking her ex-fiance's new girlfriend in bed after allegedly breaking into his home.

Police responded to the Deltona, Fla., home of off-duty firefighter David Lewis early Monday morning, after he placed a 911 call reporting a disturbance and requesting police presence. NBC Orlando affiliate WESH posted audio of the 911 call that appears to be edited for graphic language.

"Stop! You’re a psycho. You retard, stop! Can I get a damn cop? Hurry, please,” Lewis can be heard telling the 911 dispatch operator, per the recording.

According to a police report, Lewis told deputies he was lying in bed with his new girlfriend, when Custis flicked the lights on in the bedroom and immediately attacked, scratching the other woman's arm, chest and face. Deputies observed clumps of hair on the bedroom floor, and Lewis' girlfriend claimed Custis tried to strangle her.

Volusia County jail records show that Custis has a prior arrest for driving with a cancelled, suspended or revoked license in 2012.

The Daytona News-Journal reported that Custis and Lewis split in August 2012. The woman used share Lewis' home, but he had the locks changed after she moved out. Lewis told deputies his roommate may have left the doors unlocked.



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