02/06/2013 02:15 am ET

Kobe Bryant Dunk: Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace Posterized By Lakers Star (VIDEO)

In the Old Testament, Moses accomplished several incredible feats between his first trip down the Nile in an ark of bulrushes and his final trip down Mount Sinai with those ten commandments. But, as far as biblical scholars know, Moses never posterized anyone quite like this.

With the Lakers and Nets deadlocked at 80 points in the final minutes of the fourth quarter on Tuesday night, Kobe Bryant parted the defense and threw down a tie-breaking slam dunk.

"I was pretty shocked that the lane was so wide open," Bryant told reporters, via ESPN, after the Lakers' 92-83 win. "I think everybody's been drinking the Kobe pass Kool-Aid, so everybody kind of stayed on the perimeter on the shooters and it just parted like the Red Sea. So I felt a little like Moses."

The "Kobe pass Kool-Aid" began being passed around after the 34-year-old Lakers star reeled off three straight games with double-digit assist totals late in January. The sudden switch from play finishing to playmaking coincided with the start of one of the Lakers' few strong stretches in this wayward season. Los Angeles' win in Brooklyn was its sixth in seven games.

While Bryant may have been the only one who thought it was a posterization of biblical proportions, he was hardly the only one who thought the throwdown was impressive. ESPN dubbed it the "Dunk Of The Night" and several on Twitter seemed to agree with that assessment. Here are a few of the top reactions:



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