02/06/2013 01:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mario Lopez's Underwear Run: 'X Factor' Host Streaks After Losing Super Bowl Bet (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Mario Lopez has stripped down to his underwear before, but this time he's doing it in a slightly grander fashion.

Lopez lost a Super Bowl bet with "Extra" host Maria Menounos. The "X Factor" presenter and former "Saved by the Bell" star wagered that the San Fransisco 49ers would win last Sunday's game, but because the Baltimore Ravens edged out a victory, Lopez had to streak outside Los Angeles' Grove mall while wearing nothing but skimpy purple briefs from his underwear line and a pair of sneakers.

Lopez started the interview wearing a robe but tossed it aside right before he took off running. A crowd lined the area, watching and snapping photos as Lopez darted by.

Menounos, who cheered on the buff 39-year-old as he ran, joked afterward that Lopez didn't live up to the true definition of streaking.

"Streaking does mean nude, Mario, just FYI," she said.

This marks the second year Menounos and Lopez have made Super Bowl wagers. Last year the "Extra" host lost the bet and had to wear a New York Giants bikini while filming the show in Times Square.

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