02/06/2013 06:52 pm ET

McDonalds Kidnapping: Security Driver Abducted In New Zealand, Forced To Get Fast-Food

Would you like fries with that kidnapping?

Three men in their early 20s are accused of allegedly abducting a man -- a driver for a security company, no less -- and forcing him to chauffeur them to a McDonald's in New Zealand.

Police say the suspects approached a 20-year-old driver at 1 a.m. on Feb. 2, and demanded he drive them to and from a Mickey D's in New Plymouth so they could satisfy their late night munchies, reported.

The driver went along with the hamburglary, according to New Plymouth detective Grant Coward.

"He did as he was told. The motive is unknown at this point," Coward said, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The ordeal lasted an hour, but after dropping off the suspects, the frightened driver alerted police of the incident. Geobeats said.

No weapons were used during the chocolate shakedown, and no money was stolen.

The three suspects, two aged 21 and one aged 21, have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, reported.