02/06/2013 01:23 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

'Morenas' In Music: A Celebration Of Songs Inspired By Afro-Latinas (AUDIO)

'Morenas', 'Negras' & 'Mulatas' In Latin Music

They are called mulatas, morenas, negras, trigueñas and these stunning, sensual, curvy, afro-Latina women have been celebrated over and over by Latin music through the years.

The 'cinnamon skin' tone, as described by Willie Rosario in 'Negrita Linda', is found predominantly in many Latin American and Caribbean countries, and has served as an inspiration for many songwriters.

Renowned stars like Julio Iglesias and even The Rolling Stones have sung tribute to the exuberant body shapes, enormous talent for dancing and exquisite bright, fun and flirty personalities of these women.

"She has things of a white woman, she has things of a black woman, she has things of an Indian woman. What a beautiful mix this lands offers," Iglesias describes in one of his songs.

That rich arrangement of physical characteristics represents a unique combination of African, European and Native ancestry.

We can keep talking about to these beautiful women, but what better than listening to the evidence? Enjoy this and many other songs dedicated to Afro-Latinas in the gallery above and a special selection for your Spotify account below.