02/06/2013 11:57 am ET

Soraida Hicks' Ex-Boyfriend, Bruce Stimon, Sentenced To Jail For Listing Her On Prostitution Websites

If you needed another reason not to talk to strangers on airplanes, here it is.

Soraida Hicks met Bruce Stimon on a flight from Boston to D.C. in late 2011. WJLA reports that over the course of several months, the two became friends, then more than friends, then Stimon, a tech worker living in New England, gave Hicks, who lives in Northern Virginia, an iPhone on his family plan:

That's when he got information on all her friends and contacts and things started going south.

“He emailed all of them saying I had an STD," said Hicks.

The harassment did not stop there. After the STD incident, Hicks broke up with Stimon, who sent a video of the two having sex to Hicks' daughter's Twitter followers. He also listed Hicks -- and sometimes Hicks' daughter Pam, as well -- on prostitution and pornography websites.

“It was devastating,” Pam told WJLA.

Stimon then took to slashing Hicks' tires, and was finally arrested when Arlington police caught him with a "knife in his hand and with laptops full of evidence in his car," WJLA reports. He was sentenced to seven years in prison at the end of January.

Read the whole story at WJLA.



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