02/06/2013 03:30 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

'The Sisterhood': Pastors' Wives Attend Christian Sex Therapy Session (VIDEO)

Domonique gathered the pastors' wives of "The Sisterhood" for a Christian sex therapy session. But these are all pastors' wives, so it was a Christian sex therapy session. It turned out to be an animated session that resembled a church service, complete with callbacks from the parishioners and everything.

"We gotta keep it hot and poppin’ the bedroom. Amen. Can I get a witness?" the therapist asked the assembled women. Of course, she got plenty of them.

"Sex is a ministry," the expert told them. And it should be treated just like a worship service. And by the time sex is over with, your man should be shouting ‘Hallelujah!’ or something."

By the time the session was over, the women were certainly shouting "Hallelujah or something." One can only assume they carried their enthusiasm home.

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