02/07/2013 07:58 pm ET

'Drug Dealing' Pranksters Approach Strangers With A 'Little Pot' And 'Coke' In Mall (VIDEO)

Dealing drugs in a public place may not be the funniest thing around, but when the "coke" you're trying to unload is actually a bottle of Coca-Cola and and the "little pot" you have is just a diminutive cooking implement, it's pretty damned entertaining.

A YouTube video of said interactions features hilarious cameos from a mall security guard who plays it cool, a couple indignant adults and at least one gentleman in a ragged beanie who may have actually been high.

Hats off to San Diego comedy group SEFD for coordinating this amusing video, one of their many performances based on public interactions, according to the SEFD Facebook page.

Check out the "Drug Dealing" prank, above.