02/07/2013 08:06 pm ET

Gavin Newsom Politico Interview Reveals Hair Grooming Habits, Childhood, Public Policy

California Lieutenant Governor and former mayor Gavin Newson (aka Bruce Wayne) confirmed a suspicion long-held by San Franciscans in an interview with Politico on Thursday.

When asked to name the one thing he never goes cheap on, the former mayor replied without missing a beat, "hair gel."

Yes, just as one mayor's ambition can't keep the 49ers in San Francisco, LA Looks can't tame those locks.

While Newsom's progressive policies on subjects like gay marriage and renewable energy gained him national attention, our handsome Lt. Gov has become almost as famous for his signature slick bouffant, inspiring faux Twitter and Facebook feeds devoted entirely to the subject.

In 2009, SF Weekly even declared October 10 "Comb Your Hair Like Gavin Newsom Day."

But grooming wasn't the only dish on the table. Politico posed a titillating set of topics ranging from public policy to his worst childhood memory, to how often he Googles himself to an impromptu haiku about his mother (which is surprisingly tender).

Check out the full interview at Politico.