02/07/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Introducing Gay Voices' Love Files: Our Love And Sex Advice Series

We, here at HuffPost Gay Voices, are super excited to present a new feature called Love Files.

Gay Voices' Love Files is a love and sex advice series we've pulled together that will showcase an amazing panel of sex and love aficionados. We've been lucky to have some really great people on hand to help us answer some of your more intimate questions and dish on their own experiences.

What makes Gay Voices' Love Files even more exciting to us is that we also want to hear your thoughts on each other's questions. As we share a new question each week, we'll be asking for your input on what your fellow community member should do and we'll be featuring some of the best answers along side our panelist's opinions. This is a safe and fun place for us to collectively use our experiences to help each other solve their love quandaries.

Below, meet our four panelists. We're still taking questions so reach out if you need advice on your love and sex life -- email gayvoices@huffingtonpost.com.



Gay Voices' Love Files Panelists