02/07/2013 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 07, 2013

Joe Scarborough: Obama's Drone Program Is 'More Chilling' Than George Bush's Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough hit President Obama over the administration's drone program on Thursday's "Morning Joe," adding that he was "frightened" that Americans do not seem to more concerned about the campaign.

President Obama has come under increased pressure over the program leading up to John Brennan's confirmation hearing as director of the CIA on Thursday. NBC News recently obtained a white paper of the administration's justification for the assassination of Americans with drone strikes. The memo says that the US can order the killing of American citizens if they are suspected to be senior Al Qaeda members, even without evidence that they are plotting attacks.

On Thursday, Scarborough slammed Obama for "hypocrisy" in light of his past criticism of George W. Bush. He claimed that Bush at least briefed Congressional leaders on his foreign policy, and that there was a "double standard" for the two presidents. "[Obama] was so judgemental, he was so self-righteous, he was so damning of George W. Bush, suggesting that he didn't respect the Constitution... and what he's doing, at least in my mind, is even more chilling," the MSNBC host remarked.

Scarborough, who has been a vocal critic of drones, spoke out against the campaign itself. It was especially disturbing, he said, because "Americans are not anymore concerned about others Americans being targeted and killed without due process."

"I'm frightened that more Americans are not focused on this," Scarborough said. The MSNBC host was similarly outraged earlier this week, when he said the drone strikes were "so frightening" and would have been stopped if they had been carried out by the Bush administration.



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