Jon Stewart Takes On Leaked Drone Strike Memo: 'Do We At Least Yell Fore?' (VIDEO)

After NBC obtained a leaked memo detailing the Obama administration's legal argument for ordering drone strikes on suspected Al Qaeda members -- even if they are U.S. citizens -- Jon Stewart (and the rest of the country) had more than a few questions. For example, how exactly does a legal citizen be entered into what he calls, "for lack of a better term, Sky Miles program?"

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart dedicated the first half of his show to mocking the Obama administration, not just for the policy itself, but for its "Jedi mind tricks" used to deny that the aforementioned memo even exists. But, it seems that the U.S. government can legally kill a U.S. citizen, without due process or trial, if said person is suspected to be affiliated with Al Qaeda or poses "an imminent threat," which Stewart notes is more like "an eventual threat."

"Before we do it, do we at least yell, 'Fore!'? 'Heads up'?" Stewart joked.

On top of that, Stewart can't believe that the Obama administration has no problem releasing classified memos when they're detailing George W. Bush's secret policy on torture. Watch both part one above and part two, below, to hear his full takedown of this lack of transparency.

WATCH: Part two



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