02/07/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Katrina, Middleton Cousin, Defends Kate's Topless Photos In Loaded Magazine (PHOTOS)

If there's one person Kate Middleton could tell to "bugger off," we're sure it would be Katrina Darling. The duchess' distant cousin conveniently popped up around the royal wedding and has continued to make headlines for her regal connection ever since. Now, she's decided to give her two cents about those infamous topless photos.

Oy, here we go...

Katrina, a burlesque dancer by day (and night?), covers the March issue of Loaded magazine channeling iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. Inside, in a feature entitled "Drool Britannia," Ms. Darling dishes on the Duchess of Cambridge's recent photo scandal:

"She was on private land and comfortable being in her own skin. I don't think she should be scrutinized for being comfortable in her own skin."

We suppose the Playboy cover girl would know a thing or two about being comfortable in her own skin. Plus, it makes sense that family would stick together -- even if the family in question is a pair of second cousins, once removed. If you remember, back in September, the duchess received criticism from everyone from Donald Trump to domestic violence activists. So you know what they say: The family that... oh, nevermind.

Until next time, Katrina Middleton Darling!

Check out some shots of Katrina Darling in Loaded magazine and tell us what you think!


katrina middleton

katrina middleton

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