02/07/2013 07:36 am ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Morning Links: Corporate Welfare For Hollywood; ICE Union Wants More Deportations; Your Dog Is Smart

-- Number of times the word Isarel was used during the Chuck Hagel hearings: 166. Number of times the word drone was used: Zero.

-- If you're a police officer in Tucson, Arizona, killing a veteran, father, and husband in a botched raid that turns up no contraband won't get you reprimand or demoted, but sending a willing colleague sexually explicit videos will.

-- City spends a half million dollars defending a cop who lied on the witness stand in a case that led to a false murder conviction and the imprisonment of an innocent man.

-- Your dog is smart.

-- Tennessee has been giving free money to production companies to come shoot movies and TV shows in the state. The policy has been great for Larry the Cable Guy. For the state economy, not so much.

-- ICE public employee union opposes immigration reform, insists that Obama policies that have led to a record-setting number of deportations may be causing "low morale" among agents who would like to deport even more.

-- For you to play with: A fun, hi-res, panoramic photo taken from the top of the world's tallest building.