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Quick Dinner Recipe: Homemade Pizza

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No matter how tired you are, or how long your day at work was, there's no need to turn to Domino's to take care of dinner. You can make your own homemade pizza in less time than it takes to wait for the delivery -- and with no dinner-making stress. Bonus: it's infinitely better for you, too.

The hardest part of pulling off a homemade pizza is making the dough, which is why we skip this step. If you live in a metropolitan area you can easily buy pizza dough at your local pizza shop for just a couple of bucks. If not, you can find it at many grocery stores these days.

We recommend picking up a few, and storing the extra in the freezer. That way, next time you want a quick dinner you don't have to make an extra stop. (Just be sure to move the dough to the fridge in the morning of the day you plan to make your homemade pie.)

Aside from the dough, you'll also need toppings. A good jarred pasta sauce or even canned tomatoes do the trick for pizzas. If you prefer white pizzas, you don't even need this. But you can't forget the cheese; it's a must in our book. Mozzarella is always a good idea, but never the pre-shredded kind. Trust us, you will taste the difference. Aside from that, we like to take homemade pizza night as an opportunity to use up what's left in the fridge. Any veggie will work, and many leftover meats too.

Once you have your ingredients on hand, pizza is yours in just minutes. Preheat your oven to 500 degrees (or the hottest it gets). While it's heating, roll out the pizza dough as thin as you want it on a prepared sheet. You don't need anything fancy, not even a pizza pan. A sheet of tin foil works fine. Just be sure to lightly oil and flour the surface you plan to cook your pizza on.

Do keep in mind that the thinner the pizza is, the faster it cooks. So if you want to eat right now, it's going to be a thin-crust night for you. With the dough rolled out, top it as you like and pop the pizza in the oven. Thin pizzas can cook in 4-5 minutes, and thicker ones take about 8-10. Once you realize how quick and easy homemade pizzas are, you'll understand why we eat them so often.

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