02/08/2013 09:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beyonce Photos Deemed 'Unflattering' Removed From Getty: Report


Beyonce gave an awesome performance at the Super Bowl, and now there are fewer pitcures to prove it.

It appears as though the photos Beyonce's publicist deemed "unflattering" have been removed from Getty's website and are no longer available for purchase. This one's still available, though:
beyonce gone with the wind fabulous

In case you missed it, earlier this week Bey's publicist asked BuzzFeed to remove some photos she crazily referred to as "unflattering" in its story "The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyonce's Halftime Show." Instead (and wonderfully so), BuzzFeed kept the photos of Beyonce up, and published another story that included her publicist's email and the "unflattering" images in question. As we pointed out, there's really no such thing as an "unflattering" Beyonce photo, so we're just confused by this publicist person's outlandish request.

After the "unflattering photos" of Beyonce whipped its way around the Internet again and again, BuzzFeed filed another story titled, "The Best Of The Internet's Response To Beyonce's 'Unflattering Photos," which is most certainly worth a gander if you have not yet seen it.

As Gawker pointedly mentioned in its story on the matter, the "unflattering" photos are still widely available on the Internet despite their removal from Getty. It's also the latest example of the infamous Streisand effect, the phenomenon that occurs when someone's attempt to hide something unintentionally makes it more popular. And since we will jump at any excuse to write about ANYTHING related to Barbra Streisand, here's why the phenomenon is named after the living legend.

In 2003, Streisand unsuccessfully sued photographer Kenneth Adelman and for $50 million claiming violation of privacy. Adelman was working for a government-commissioned project on coastal erosion and documenting beachfront property. The lawsuit garnered so much attention that the image of Streisand's property, which had been downloaded only a handful of times, was downloaded more than 400,000 times after she started claiming that her privacy, which was violated, was also worth $50 million. Unsuccessful, indeed.

And now, here's a video of Beyonce and Barbra together. Bey sang "The Way We Were" to Streisand at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2008, and it was just spectacular.


And for the purists out there, here's Barbra doing it best in 1975.



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