02/08/2013 07:44 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2013

'The Big Bang Theory': Leonard Moves In With Penny, So Amy Wants To Move In With Sheldon (VIDEO)

Classic communication breakdowns were at the heart of the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory." After Sheldon spoiled Book 6 of the Harry Potter series, Leonard decided that enough was enough and declared that he was moving in with Penny. Only he forgot to ask Penny. Instead, he challenged her to come up with a reason it was a bad idea. She couldn't.

With Leonard moved out, Amy decided that she was the best option of all the people Sheldon knows to become his new roommate. Only like Penny, Sheldon was reluctant to make this big step forward in their relationship.

Ultimately, Sheldon and Penny came together and realized that this new situation wasn't what either of them wanted. Sheldon told Amy he didn't want her to move in, which led to a major freak-out on her part. So he blamed Penny. What he didn't expect was for Amy to storm across the hall and confront Penny.

In the ensuring argument, both Penny and Sheldon were outed as people not ready for this, and everybody went back to their own respective homes. TV Fanatic wishes the show had explored these new living arrangements a little longer, as they surely would have resulted in plenty of hilariously awkward moments.

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