02/08/2013 12:38 pm ET

Colbert Predicts Stacey Campfield, 'Don't Say Gay' State Senator, Will Be Next President (VIDEO)

Ever since Barack Obama rose to the presidency only a few years after leaving the Illinois state senate, Stephen Colbert has had his eye on state legislatures for predicting the next president. In Thursday's installment of his semi-continuing series "Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature and Then Possibly Washington," Colbert profiled Sen. Stacey Campfield, the Tennessee state senator best known for introducing the controversial "Don't Say Gay" bill.

That bill, which failed in 2012 but which has been resurrected this year, would prohibit any mention of homosexuality in public classrooms. Campfield also attracted headlines last year when he told HuffPost's Michangelo Signorile, "Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community -- it was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men. It was an airline pilot, if I recall."

Campfield believes that members of the LGBT community are the "biggest bullies in the world," so if he rose to the presidency, he would finally be able to do something about it, along with those pesky kids who suck up taxpayer money by not performing well enough in public schools.

Check out the clip above from last night's "Colbert Report" for other reasons Campfield would make an excellent head of government.



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