02/08/2013 01:46 pm ET

Jon Stewart: Big Banks A Lot Like A 'Spoiled Child'

If you ask Jon Stewart, he'll tell you that big banks, with all their economy-wrecking abilities, are acting like total babies.

"The people that have created the crisis have to be coddled because you never know when they might go off again," Stewart said on The Daily Show on Thursday. "You never know when they might throw the entire economy over a cliff again, so it's like a spoiled child."

Stewart made the comments while interviewing ex-TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky, whose book Bailout has just been released in paperback. Barofsky told Stewart that the government enforced "an incredible double standard" by bailing out banks but not underwater homeowners.

"The largest banks did and still do hold a gun to our head," Barofsky said. "They hold us hostage."

You can watch the two-part interview in the videos above and below.



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