02/08/2013 10:04 pm ET

Mark Shriver Talks Childhood Poverty, The Kennedy's, And Working Across The Aisle (VIDEO)

Mark Shriver, vice president and managing director of Save the Children, spoke about the lack of compromise in Washington during a recent interview with HuffPost Live.

"Politics is a tough combat sport, it always has been," Shriver told Huffpost Live host Josh Zepps. "After elections were over in those days people tried to find common ground and to move forward together. I think that has been lost in Washington."

Taking the example of his own father, Sargent Shriver, Mark says today's leaders need not be afraid of reaching across the aisle otherwise the country's major issues will go unresolved. One major issue Shriver advocates for is fighting childhood poverty.

Recently, a coalition of 29 advocacy groups combined to ask President Barack Obama to establish a new National Commission on Children. Shriver doesn't believe there is an easy solution, but one that is necessary.

"There are a number of groups and millions of people that care about poverty in this country," Shriver said, and a commission can help come up with some "solid solutions."

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