02/08/2013 09:11 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2013

Marta Minujin, Argentine Pop Icon, 'Marries' Art On Her 70th Birthday In Buenos Aires

Argentine pop icon Marta Minujin made her decades-long love affair with conceptual art official when instead of hosting a traditional 70th birthday party, she staged a wedding, according to SmartPlanet. Who was the groom? Art, of course. The "Andy Warhol" of Buenos Aires donned a white dress, tossed a bouquet, and toasted above a giant pink cake at the MALBA museum, joining in matrimony with the profession that made her famous, for all 300 of her wedding guests to see.

Minujin, famous for recreating the Buenos Aires obelisk in fruit cake, planned the birthday/wedding to raise money for the museum's educational programs, so there's no need to compare her stunt to the Art Guys who are now happily married to a plant. In fact, what is far more outrageous than Minujin's unconventional espousal is the art darling's plans for her death. She wants to craft a large, multi-colored acrylic box in which she will sit, surrounded by her artwork, before injecting a lethal substance and setting the box on fire. She literally wants to go out in big, conceptual flames. “I hope they don’t try to stop me," she said in an interview with Smart Planet. "I can pretend that I’m not going to do it, and then I’ll do it."

The "Dignified Death Law" did pass in Argentina last year, but it expressly forbids euthanasia. Is Minujin biting off more of an ethical and moral dilemma than she can chew?

Marta Minujin


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