02/08/2013 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Surrender To Nemo & Skip Fashion Week Today

It's the second day of Fashion Week -- hooray! It's also blizzarding outside with a storm named after a little fish -- not as fun as it sounds.

So fashionistas face a problem: Do they strap on their least ugly waterproof boots and venture out to the runway shows, or hunker down and slip into those ratty sweatpants they pretend they don't own?

We vote for the latter. Here's why.

1. The weather is getting worse, not better.

After some momentary rain, the precipitation in New York City has now turned back to snow. The mayor's office announced that the city can expect 10-14 inches -- that's way more than your stilettos can take.

2. You can livestream the shows on your computer.

Sure, it's not as exhilarating as the real thing. But Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's website is super spiffy with a high-quality live feed from inside the tents. This afternoon you can watch Rebecca Minkoff, Nicole Miller, PARKCHOONMOO and the Academy of Art University shows online.

5 reasons outside today

3. You won't look stylish enough to get snapped by street style photogs today anyway.

Weather like this requires pants, thick socks, heavy boots and some sort of headgear. The Sartorialist is not going to be calling your name.

5 reasons outside today

4. You've still got five days left.

Anyone who's been through Fashion Week knows it's a long haul. By the time Monday comes (Day 4 out of 8, for those counting), you feel as if you've already been at it for seven weeks. Let the storm slow you down a little to catch your breath.

5. There's a "Friends" marathon on.

No, seriously. We just checked. Turn on your TV right now.

Should you let #Nemo win out over #NYFW, check out our roundup of first-hand accounts from the snowy second day of Fashion Week, below. Warning: There's a lot of griping about shoes.

Fashion Week vs. The Blizzard

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