02/08/2013 09:44 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

Snow In D.C.: Gorgeous 'Snowmageddon' Video Provides Snapshot Of Storm

All of Northeast may be on pre-Nemo lockdown, but save for a few raindrops, it seems the D.C. area will be [mostly] spared from the impending Storm of the Year.

But that doesn't mean snow envy won't be rampant here in the nation's capitol. Which is why we're thrilled our friends over at the Washington Post have unearthed this enchanting video showcasing our Snowmageddon that once was.

The piece, highlighting the most beautiful, irreverent shots from the blizzard that shut down our city on February 5, 2010, was shot by Nathan Golon and Jordan Gantz on two Canon 7Ds. And it kind of makes us want to go dive face first into a giant bank of snow.

Stay safe up there, New England. Meanwhile, we'll be watching this video on repeat and wishing we could go out play with you.



Snowmageddon 2010