02/08/2013 04:29 pm ET

Table Talk: The End Of Saturday Mail Delivery?

This week's Family Dinner Table Talk, from HuffPost and The Family Dinner book:

It might sound crazy to you that mail was once delivered twice a day. But if new plans to end Saturday delivery go forward, your own children may find the idea that mail was ever delivered six days a week just as strange.

The roots of the Postal Service go all the way back to the American Revolution and beyond; Benjamin Franklin -- who had been a colonial postmaster before the break with Great Britain -- was the first Postmaster General.

This week, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahue announced that to avoid losing billions of dollars, the Postal Service is hoping to end Saturday letter delivery in August. (Some post offices will still be open on Saturdays, though, and packages will continue to be delivered six days a week.)

The Postal Service hopes the measure will help it stay afloat. However, the Associated Press explains that it’s a tricky situation in terms of the law -- and the move may only be permissible because of a "legal loophole."

Tonight, let’s talk about the role physical (vs. electronic) mail plays in our lives -- and what happens when historic institutions have to adapt.

Questions for discussion:
  • Do you think the end of Saturday mail will make a difference in your life?
  • How often do you actually send a letter, rather than a text or email? How much do you think the Internet has affected the Post Office’s business?
  • What are some things the adults in your life can remember that aren’t around anymore?

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