02/09/2013 11:58 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

Chris Cuomo Makes CNN Debut (VIDEO)

Chris Cuomo made his first appearance on CNN on Friday night, filling in for Piers Morgan to report on the blizzard blanketing the Northeast in snow.

The former ABC anchor jumped to the cable news network in late January. He will become the host of an as-yet-unnamed morning show later in the year. His success or failure in that venture will be possibly the most hotly scrutinized aspect of new CNN chief Jeff Zucker's overhaul of the network, which has lagged painfully behind morning rivals "Morning Joe" and "Fox & Friends" in the ratings.

Cuomo made no mention of this high-pressure situation on Friday, though. Decked out in an official CNN windbreaker, he told viewers that "it's truly an honor to join the CNN team." Then it was back to vintage storm coverage -- complete with wild weather mainstay Ali Velshi.



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