02/09/2013 11:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LeBron James Wants Fan To Deliver Perfect Pass During Heat-Clippers Game (VIDEO)

LeBron James had some fun with a fan during the Heat's blowout win over the Clippers on Friday night.

After Dwyane Wade deflected the ball into the stands in the final minute of the first half, LeBron called for the fan who came up with the ball to pass it to him. The pass was a little too slow for James, though. So he demanded a better one.

LeBron delivered a chest pass right back to the fan, who was wearing a James jersey, and called for it again. The fans who noticed started to cheer as the brief game of catch seemed to make the man's night.

"I wanted to keep the ball. I thought the ball was mine. When he threw it back to me, I thought he was giving it back to me," the fan named Adolpho told ESPN's Lisa Salters. "This is the most exciting thing I ever lived in my life."

The interaction also seemed to please ESPN announcer Jeff Van Gundy.

"See that's great. And I'm glad the referee didn't call delay of game and all of that," he said. "That's good officiating. That's crowd interaction. That's community service right there."

When the game reached halftime, Salters asked James about the pass.

"I just wanted to show my appreciation to the fans we have here. They've been great all night," he said.

Now all Adolpho needs to do is hit a shot from half court and he'll get to hug the three-time MVP.



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