02/10/2013 10:20 am ET

At 113 Years Old, Grand River Station Soon Becoming Lofts

Considering what new police stations look like today, it's hard to believe that this amazing piece of architecture was originally built to be one. The same goes for new apartment buildings, which is why it's equally difficult to believe that the Grand River Station will soon be known as the Castle Lofts, meaning people will get to live in a building that looks like that. In fact, it could be you. Leasing is starting soon.

The Castle will offer units between one and four bedrooms, some with luxurious features like jacuzzi tubs and heated garage space. But, as the photos show, this isn't a maximum luxury/exclusive sort of building. It's surprisingly affordable, with prices between $550-$1,525/month including water and wi-fi service. The ground floor of each building is being offered as office space.

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