02/10/2013 09:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Justin Timberlake Grammys Performance: 'Suit & Tie' With Jay-Z

Justin Timberlake has continued his musical comeback with a powerful Grammys performance, during which he was joined by Jay-Z for their duet "Suit & Tie", and JT also performed "Pusher Love Girl," during a set which briefly turned the whole telecast black and white.

The singer, who has returned to the music world after several years spent developing his acting career, has hinted that there will be a grand announcement to follow the Grammys. A world tour, perhaps?

The singer's big return to music has perhaps only been eclipsed in press coverage by Beyonce's Inauguration/Super Bowl/Destiny's Child combo punch. The singer first announced that he had recorded new music, then released the Jay-Z-featuring single "Suit & Tie." Timberlake kept himself in the news by announcing a March 19 release date for the album, which is titled "The 20/20 Experience." Finally, a handwritten tracklist (sans featured guests). Good work, JT.

Timberlake warmed up for the Grammys gig with a pre-Super Bowl party performance, where he debuted two additional new songs, "Pusher Love Girl" and "That Girl."


Other performers at Sunday's Grammys included Taylor Swift, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Sting and Jack White. For more on the Grammys, click here. Find more Grammy award 2013 winners in the liveblog below.

2013 Grammy Nominees

02/10/2013 11:44 PM EST

Good Night, Everyone!

The 55th annual Grammy Awards have come to a close. Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys was a big winner, but Frank Ocean, fun., Mumford & Sons, Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West & Jay-Z were all honored with Grammys.

From all of us here at HuffPost Entertainment, we hope you enjoyed the show. See you again on Feb. 24 for the 85th annual Academy Awards.

Here's Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift again, just because:

lena dunham and taylor swift

02/10/2013 11:36 PM EST

Grammys Winners 2013: Full List Of Honorees

Your complete list of Grammy winners, from fun. to The Black Keys to Mumford & Sons.

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Good Notes

@ johannacox :

Not enough Beyonce and nowhere near enough Solange. #grammys

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You've Got To Fight For Your Right To Delta

@ TVWithoutPity :

Wow, the closing #Grammys jam was bumrushed by sponsor shout-outs. Thought it was MCA forever, not commerce forever.

02/10/2013 11:30 PM EST

The Broadcast Is Over

LL Cool J gets cut off saying good night on the Grammys. Hashtag that, LL.

02/10/2013 11:28 PM EST

"MCA Forever!"

This amalgam of rockers and hip-hop stars perform "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" to honor the late MCA. CBS, however, cuts them off with an rundown of the night's sponsors. Classy.

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Ladies Love Cool James

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LL Cool J, Chuck D, Tom Morello, Travis Barker & More

Closing the Grammys in style.

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Tonight, They Are Young

More on fun. Fun!

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"Still To Come, I Take The Stage"

LL Cool J now making Grammys threats.