02/11/2013 12:04 am ET Updated Apr 12, 2013

Big Dawgs Tour Visits Washington, D.C.: Butler Blue Meets Georgetown Jack (PHOTOS)

Georgetown University students were treated to a heaping dose of adorable on Friday afternoon when Butler Blue, Butler University's droopy-faced mascot, traipsed through campus to spend some quality time with his local counterpart, Jack.

Georgetown beloved bulldog and Butler Blue got to know each other amongst D.C.'s most famous landmarks, along with their understudies, Jack Jr. and Trip.

But it wasn't all fun and games -- the canines took a bit of warming up to one another. "They're bulldogs, and we were creeping on Jack and JJ's turf, so it got a little tense at moments," The Butler dogs' owner, Michael Kaltenmark, told the Burlington Free Press. "Most of that was indoors. Once they got outside, nobody was really territorial. They really got along okay."

In addition to visiting the Georgetown area, the so-called "Big Dawgs Tour" meandered through the National Mall before hitting the road back to their home in Indiana.

The presence of a good luck charm must have worked: the same day Butler Blue and his little brother toured the nation's capital, the Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team beat the George Washington Colonials 59-56.

Take a look at pictures from the visit below:

Big Dawgs Tour: D.C. Edition