02/11/2013 09:59 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

Chris Dorner Caught On Surveillance Video Purchasing Scuba Gear (VIDEO)

Fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner is still on the loose, but a purchase he made two days before he went on his alleged murder spree may give some clues where authorities should look.

According to surveillance video obtained by TMZ, Dorner purchased scuba gear at a sporting goods store in Torrance, Calif., on Feb. 1.

The video shows Dorner carrying two small, yellow scuba tanks which, according to sources, he had filled with oxygen. Dorner then left the scuba section with the two tanks along with a third, black tank, reported.

Although Dorner reportedly attempted to steal a boat in San Diego on Feb. 6, the search for Dorner has focused on the mountains near Big Bear Lake about 80 miles east of Los Angeles ever since his burned-out truck was found there last Thursday.



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