02/11/2013 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kiara Kabukuru Gets Interviewed For CR Fashion Book By Gisele (PHOTO)

Just when you thought you had Carine Roitfeld figured out...

After putting Sports Illustrated alum Kate Upton on the debut issue of CR Fashion Book, Roitfeld has taken a more serious and thoughtful turn in Issue 2. Kiara Kabukuru, a Uganda-born model, takes a spin in Dior in the dance-themed issue, poses for Bruce Weber and gets interviewed by none other than Gisele Bundchen.

Kabukuru's story isn't well-known, Born in Uganda during a time of civil unrest, Kiara saw her entire family broken apart: Her father lost his business, one of his brothers was killed and their family was placed on an active wanted-dead list. After her parents fled the country, she and her siblings were smuggled into Kenya, eventually escaping to London and finally California. There she was "discovered" at 16, getting signed to an agency a year later.

Now at 37, Kiara has Vogue covers and friends like Gisele to call her own. Gisele turns interviewer for the CR Fashion Book piece, asking Kiara questions about her painful past and how it impacts her life today.

They also find that they have something in common: dance, of course. Kiara encourages Gisele to come visit her home tribe, the Banyankole:

"You will be received by dancing villagers. It's kind of like Brazil in that everything is always on the verge of erupting into a big dance party. Life there is like a dance."

We bet that sounds familiar to Gisele. See a photo from Kiara's CR Fashion Book shoot below and click over to for more on Issue 2.


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