02/11/2013 03:57 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Opening Restaurant In NYC? Actress Spotted In Tribeca For Possible Mexican Eatery

As Lindsay Lohan struggles with abysmal reviews, court dates, and financial woes, the 26-year-old is rumored to be eyeing a new profession as a restauranteur.

Lohan, a veteran of the New York City party circuit, is said to have been spotted at 39 N. Moore Street in Tribeca where, rumor has it, she's considering opening a "high-end Mexican restaurant" decked with amenities fit for a club.

Tribeca Citizen reports:

We’re told that Lindsay Lohan was in the retail store currently in our commercial space late this afternoon. Importantly, she was talking about the potential design of the space, including where she would like to put a bar and a DJ booth.

Can you see LiLo making the professional jump? After all, she did ditch her Los Angeles digs to move back in with her mother in New York. And most recently, Lohan was reportedly spotted happily sucking face with a New York-based DJ "in front of everyone."

Time will only tell if Lohan's move back East was meant to foster a new career or to keep the troubled actress somewhat more stable.

Either way, one piece of advice for LiLo: Beware of Pete Wells.



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