02/11/2013 10:09 am ET

Ruth Reichl Slams Yelp, Zagat

Ruth Reichl has given an amazing interview to Fashion Week Daily. She describes the lavish lifestyle of Conde Nast, confirms that Gilt Taste is "basically over" and admits that she never looked at Gourmet Live, the digital offspring of her beloved Gourmet magazine (RIP), where she served as editor-in-chief.

Ruth really lets the claws (okay, we don't think Ruth actually has claws, more like hands with a tough grip) out when she's asked about Yelp and Zagat.

On Yelp:

Anybody who believes Yelp is an idiot. Most people on Yelp have no idea what they’re talking about.

On Zagat:

I’ve always hated Zagat. If I’m going to listen to someone else’s opinions on restaurants, I don’t care if I agree or not. I just want to know who they are.

We encourage reading the entire interview. It's one of the more candid ones we've seen.

[via Eater]