02/13/2013 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How You Feel About Valentine's Day Through The Years, In GIFs

WHEN YOU'RE A BABY, you're safe. As far as you know, Valentine's Day is the same as any other day. You're blissfully ignorant:
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But once you get to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, you know what Valentine's Day is -- and it's really great.

You get to finish class early to have a themed party:
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And you get a card from every person in your class, which makes you feel like:
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In MIDDLE SCHOOL, things start to get awkward, and you probably start thinking:
cute babies dancing
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But you worry that all of your crushes will end like this:
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So you stay silent, secretly hoping you'll get a candy gram or a rose at lunchtime on the big day. Obviously, you deal with the subsequent disappointment with grace:
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In HIGH SCHOOL, things get a bit better. You probably stop dreading the holiday and if you have a significant other you feel all:
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(Source: What Should Biffles Call Me Tumblr)

Or if you're single, you probably decide to tell the world you don't give a damn about cheesy, commercialized holidays. To anyone who questions your single status you simply say:
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You also experience your fair share of disappointment and realize that sometimes love sucks:
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During COLLEGE, Valentine's Day isn't such a huge deal, but it's a great excuse to dress in red and go to a party. It's kind of like Elementary School all over again but with alcohol, so you feel like:
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And after the party you probably show up at your boyfriend or girlfriend or casual hookup's dorm room and think you're all:
cute babies dancing
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But you probably look more like:
cute babies dancing
(Source: What Should We Call CC Tumblr)

In your POST-COLLEGIATE 20s, Valentine's Day is really all about the art of choosing a great restaurant. If you're single, you dress up, go out with your girlfriends and resolve not to talk about relationships. But you probably cave and say things like:
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And if you're in a relationship, you're all:
cute babies dancing
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Even though you secretly kind of wish you could just skip out on the holiday altogether and do this:
cute babies dancing
(Source: What Should We Call Girls Tumblr)

Once you get into YOUR 30s, you might be with someone who loves you enough to go through the motions:
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(Source: The Daily Dot)

Or you might forget that it's February 14th:
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Which is fine because whether it's amazing friends or an amazing life partner or both, you definitely have people in your life to say:
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And really, that's enough.



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