02/11/2013 05:49 pm ET

WAPA TV's New Gossip Show 'Lo Sé Todo' To Replace La Comay's 'SuperXclusivo'

After the abrupt termination of Puerto Rican controversial TV show, “SuperXclusivo”, WAPA Television and WAPA America premiered Monday its new original entertainment/gossip program “Lo sé todo” (“I Know Everything”).

The station said the live one-hour show will air daily at 6pm (ET), and will offer viewers a “combination of entertainment, comedy and investigative reporting presented in an innovative format with heavy interactive and digital components.”

“Without a doubt, ‘Lo Se Todo’ will be the most innovative show Puerto Rico has ever seen,” said Jose E. Ramos, President of WAPA-TV in a press release. “We have been producing the top-rated shows in Puerto Rico for more than 50 years now, and we know the winning formula of a successful program.”

The new show will occupy the vacant place left by Antulio "Kobbo" Santarrosa and its polemic character La Comay, after his surprising resignation last month. At the time, WAPA TV’s management announced the puppeteer quit the show after refusing to accept new guidelines that established the show would be pre-recorded rather than airing live.

“It’s no longer going to be a live show,” said José Ramos, President of WAPA Television on December to HuffPost Live. "It’s going to be taped at least one to two hours in advance. So we’ll have the opportunity to review it and make sure we can reduce the amount of material that could be sensitive to some parties.”

Broadcast on primetime during weekdays, the popular show became a platform where political and entertainment issues were discussed. But "SuperXclusivo" faced a boycott spurred by social media groups after La Comay offended people by saying a murder victim was likely responsible for his own death. The movement influenced several advertisers to pull their ads from the show, putting a dent in its revenue.

However, critics have pointed out that the show not only will be based on gossip as well, but part of its cast and production crew will also remain the same. Sylvia Hernández and Jessica Serrano, former reporters for “SuperXclusivo," and producer Maximiliano Paglia, will also be collaborating with the new project, which has some doubting whether it will be any different than its predecessor.

"The only ones we have hired are Jessica and Sylvia, who were the two reporters who worked for 'SuperXclusivo.'" Ramos told Puerto Rican daily Primera Hora, defending his decision. "Yes, they became unemployed and we hired them. Maxi, who was the producer (from the last program), will also be the producer of the new program. It is a team that knows what they are doing, they are successful.”



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