02/12/2013 04:04 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

'Blizzard Baby' Nohely Delivered During Snowstorm With Help Of National Guard

Baby Nohely Gonell was born on Saturday in Worcester, Mass., during a massive blizzard that barreled down on New England last week. But it took the help of the National Guard to ensure she arrived safely, CBS Boston reports.

As an ambulance slipped through the snow early Saturday, after an emergency call that Ericka Bueno was in labor, the vehicle couldn't get up the hill to her house. So a nearby National Guard Humvee and snowplow were summoned to get the EMT unit there in a hurry. They arrived in time to help Bueno deliver Nohely in her bed, CBS said.

“Honestly, if they weren't there, I don't know what I would have done," Bueno told local Massachusetts news outlet Worcester Telegram & Gazette. "I was crying. I was so scared. Who gives birth at home?”

But the drama wasn't over.

Paramedics Steffan Welch and Alexis Welch (not related) then placed Bueno in a chair and carried her down three flights of stairs as she held Nohely. They drove through whiteout conditions to UMass Memorial Hospital, Nohely's dad, Joel Gonell, told the Telegram & Gazette. Mom and daughter both got a clean bill of health.

Nohely had company on the "blizzard baby" front, according to ABC local affiliate WCBV in Boston, Mass. Expecting mom Donna Ambrosia got a snowplow escort to a hospital in Norwich, Conn., on Friday but didn't quite make it: She gave birth to baby Elizabeth Judy in an ambulance in the hospital parking lot.

In Ashland, Mass., two women in labor required emergency help, WCBV noted. One made it to the hospital for the delivery. The other gave birth in the ambulance.



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