02/12/2013 07:02 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

'Dallas': Finding Out Who Shot Ryland Gets Complicated When No One's Telling The Same Story (VIDEO)

There was plenty of lying on the latest episode of "Dallas." Clearly no one on that show respects the authority of the law, as everyone from Bobby to Ann to Frank and Ryland were just lying and lying. Of course, these were on two different matters. The first was the fallout from Ann shooting Ryland at the close of last week's episode.

When the police arrived, Ann found out that Ryland had survived the shooting. Then Bobby took the fall for the shooting. His rationale was that Ann would never have the chance to reconcile with her daughter if she found out that Ann had shot her father. This much is true.

However, Bobby later recanted his confession while Ann admitted to shooting Ryland. The problem is that at that moment, Ryland was out of his coma and saying that it was Bobby who shot him. This is going to get even messier.

The mess appears to have been cleaned up regarding Rebecca's murder of her accomplice. J.R. had Frank in his pocket to try and expose her, but Rebecca called on her dad, Cliff Barnes, to step in and help. Suddenly, it was Frank who was being blamed for the murder.

After a meeting with Cliff, where Frank was the emotionally shattered "son" in the relationship, Cliff convinced him to confess to the murders. So he confessed in the courtroom, right before taking a suicide pill. Now no one will ever get any more information out of him, and Rebecca is off scot-free. When do the good guys win on this show?

Expect more twists and turns on "Dallas" every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.

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