02/12/2013 02:11 pm ET

'Harlem Shake' Performed Underwater By University Of Georgia Swim Team (VIDEO)

If you have a sinking feeling about the "Harlem Shake," the latest meme to sweep the Internet, you may be psychic. Not because the meme is slowly sinking in popularity, but because enterprising members of the swimming and diving team at the University of Georgia have released an underwater version of the popular dance.

The team's surprisingly entertaining variant of the meme features a man in a Star Wars mask, an excess of speedos and remarkable breath-holding ability all around.

For the uninitiated, the bizarro dance meme is performed to "Harlem Shake," a song that was released in mid-2012 by New York artist Baauer but for some reason didn't find traction until early 2013. Bro Bible notes that another "Harlem Shake" dance has actually been around since the early 1980s, albeit in an entirely different form.

WATCH the video, above.

(Hat tip, Reddit)