02/12/2013 09:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Explains Pope Benedict XVI Resignation With John Oliver, Samantha Bee (VIDEO)

With the news that Pope Benedict XVI will resign his post, Jon Stewart has a few questions for what happens in the wake of the move. In a segment entitled "Holy Quit: How's it Going with That Popey Changey Thing?" Stewart, Samantha Bee and John Oliver have a few theories for the nearly unprecedented act of papal resignation.

"Popes can do that?" Stewart asked. "I assumed the papacy was a lifetime commitment, like being in the mob or being a correspondent on '60 Minutes.'" Benedict will need to establish a retirement routine quickly, Stewart said, and if new commercials for Taco Bell are any indication, he'll be eating plenty of Cheesy Gordita Crunches in his twilight years.

Although Benedict cited health concerns in stepping down, Samantha Bee had a different theory -- one remarkably similar to a scandal that has dogged a certain Notre Dame fullback.

"Since the whole Manti Te'o thing, the Pope has begun to question a long-term relationship with someone he talks to all the time but has never actually met," Samantha joked.

WATCH: Samantha Bee draws parallels between the Pope and Manti Te'o.

John Oliver also weighed in, and floated the idea that the Holy See should look to the 2012 GOP presidential wannabes for the next Pope.

When Stewart balked, Oliver sarcastically defended the Republican party's pairing with the Catholic Church: "You're right. What would they know about appealing to a floundering organization dominated by old white men clinging to an arcane moral code and who must reluctantly embace change to stay relevant?" Which only leads them to one conclusion: Pope Rubio.

WATCH: John Oliver predicts that a Republican will be the next Pope.



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