02/12/2013 12:28 pm ET

Jose Canseco Has Questions (And Answers) On Papal Vacancy

The abrupt resignation of the Pope Benedict XVI on Monday left people across with the globe many questions.

One of those people was Jose Canseco.

Understandably, the interest of the former MLB star, PED truth teller and Twitter marvel was piqued by the first resignation of a pontiff in nearly 600 years.

With the College of Cardinals set to meet in order to select the next Pope, Canseco shared a few thoughts on the election process.

Not only is Canseco in favor of democratizing the election of the next pontiff but he would also prefer to see someone from the New World chosen to preside in Vatican City.

Hmm.. a Pope from the New World?

Is Canseco talking about the former archbishop of Quebec, Cardinal Marc Ouellet? Perhaps Odilo Scherer, the archbishop of Sao Paolo?

Or could he be thinking of a candidate out of left field? Of course, he is.