02/12/2013 10:32 am ET

Kuma's Too Opening Wednesday: Heavy Metal Burgers Coming To Lincoln Park

Heavy metal burgers! In Lincoln Park!

On Wednesday, ever-popular burger joint Kuma's Corner will open their long-awaited second Chicago location at the very metal address of 666 W. Diversey Parkway, Luke Tobias, Kuma's new director of operations and former executive chef, said on Sunday in the midst of a lengthy message on the restaurant's Facebook page.

In addition to assuring Kuma's fans that the food at the new location "will be the same as it ever was" and will still be enjoyed whilst the restaurant "blast[s] Judas Priest at 1000000 decibels from open to close," Tobias also took on a Facebook user who had a week before commented that "you suck your managers [sic] an ass and disrespectful" on Kuma's page:

"So, from what I understand we suck and our manager is an ass," Tobias wrote, ignoring the age-old don't-feed-the-trolls rule of the Internet. "I never claimed myself to be anything other than an ass."

According to Eater Chicago, which got a sneak peek of Kuma's Too, the chain's second location is decked out with Judas Priest, Ted Nugent and Slayer concert posters and a fresh layer of green paint that's more "subdued" than The Counter, the location's previous tenant. Kuma's co-owner Ron Cain told DNAinfo they "gutted the place" and got a new phone number ending in "666" in order to help achieve their signature nefarious vibe.

Photo by laurenbosak via Flickr.