02/12/2013 01:05 pm ET

Labrador Retriever Helps Bulldog Fetch Frisbee Stuck In Snow (VIDEO)

Everyone needs a helping hand -- or paw -- every now and then.

In this adorable video, a Labrador retriever helps a French bulldog save a Frisbee from a deep mound of snow.

The clip features a stylish bulldog named Bentley who stuggles to trudge through the snow to retrieve the flying disc. Instead, the pup barks at the toy, propelling the lab to power through the powder to fetch the item.

The Lab then drags it back to Bentley, who proudly prances away with the snow-covered disc.

The video calls to mind another driven dog that was determined to free an iced-over Frisbee. While the pooch did not have a helpful friend to loosen the toy, he eventually rescued the frisbee from the snow's icy clutches with some good old-fashioned paw work.

(h/t 22 Words)