02/12/2013 05:08 pm ET

PizzaForCoins Lets You Pay For Your Pies With (A Lot Of) Bitcoins

It's a safe bet that if you drew a Venn diagram of "people who hoard digital currency" and "people who secretly order pizza delivery," there'd be quite a bit of overlap between the two circles.

That certainly seems to be the assumption of a new company called PizzaForCoins, which allows users to pay for Domino's delivery using bitcoins. Pizza Hut and Papa John's are both "coming soon," according to the website.

Bitcoins, if you're not familiar with the largest digital currency in circulation, are beloved by libertarians, drug lords and, soon, pizza fanatics for their lack of traceability and government control. To conduct a transaction using bitcoins, you don't need to offer up any personally identifiable information, unlike using a system such as Paypal.

But secrecy isn't everything.

The PizzaForCoins site seemed a little slow when I tried to access it on Tuesday afternoon (they must have underestimated the size of that overlap), so I couldn't figure out how many of my precious bitcoins I'd have to part with to order a pizza for HuffPost HQ in Manhattan. According to Digital Trends, however, ordering a medium, two-topping pizza on PizzaForCoins would cost 0.56 bitcoins plus a 0.09 bitcoin fee -- about $16 at the current exchange rate.

Those $16 would pay for two medium two-topping pizzas (including tax and delivery fee) on However many people might theoretically want to keep their Domino's habit hidden from the world, it's hard to imagine all that many would be willing to pay a 100 percent markup to do it -- especially since you have to give PizzaForCoins your physical address to actually receive the pizza. That blows your cover as a pizza binger in a serious way.



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