02/12/2013 07:04 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

'Teen Mom 2' Reunion: Leah Tells Her Fiance She'd Go Back To Her Baby Daddy In A Heartbeat (VIDEO)

On the "Teen Mom 2" Dr. Drew Season 3 reunion special, Leah Calvert dropped a bit of a bombshell announcement. While it was shocking for Dr. Drew and the audience, it had to be the most difficult to hear for her fiance Jeremy.

"I can’t get over my family, or Corey," she told Jeremy. Corey is the father of her children. "I think you know that, Corey and the girls would, I mean, come first."

In other words, she said that if Corey was interested in getting back together with her, she would drop Jeremy and do just that.

The moments lost a bit of its shock impact, though, thanks to the news breaking that Leah and Jeremy did go ahead and get married. Further, Leah has now given birth to Jeremy's daughter.

There's no rest for the teen moms. Come back next Monday at 10 p.m. EST for the season premiere of "Teen Mom 2" on MTV.

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